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The Baccarat legend continues with a new exhibition in the exceptional setting of the Maison Baccarat’s Gallery-Museum.

Visitors will discover, or re-discover, a selection of masterpieces shown at the “Baccarat, the legend of crystal” exhibition recently held at the Petit Palais, as well as a number of pieces that have never been shown to the general public. Among them are the Horloge Soleil created by Georges Chevalier, which was displayed in the window of the first Baccarat boutique in the United States in 1948. This outstanding piece was chosen by Arthur Miller to decorate the apartment he shared with his wife Marilyn Monroe in Manhattan.


Bringing heritage and modernity together, the exhibition also displays archive documents and some of the sources of inspiration behind Baccarat’s timeless and legendary collections.


Meanwhile your visit, discover in five themes a glimpse of this unique exhibition.

Excellence in know-how

Emperor Napoleon III awards the Grand Prix of Paris’ second World’s Fair to the Baccarat manufactory.

Two vases, true masterpieces, demonstrate the incomparable savoir-faire of the manufacture’s artisans. Wheel-engraved over the course of two years by master engraver Jean-Baptiste Simon and made of ruby-overlay clear crystal, these unique vases earn him the unique privilege of signing its creations.


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Crystal of Kings

Since its inception in 1764 by permission of King Louis XV, and thanks to orders placed by Louis XV, Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis-Philippe, Baccarat is honored with the aristocratic name "Crystal of Kings". musee4
Glass Louis Philippe 1841
Paraison set for the Maharadja of Indore, 1933

A symbol of elegance and perfection, Baccarat creations illuminate the palaces of royalty from around the world enticing kings, emperors, presidents, czars and maharadjas.

Tsar service, 1906

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Far-away Inspiration

Baccarat creations present a journey through history and styles. Inspiration from different cultures such as Japan and the far-east are a testament to Baccarat’s creative global reach.
Saké bottle, 1909
Preliminary drawing for the incense burner Dromadery 1878
Elephant Cave à liqueur case, 1878

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Timeless elegance

At the Universal Exhibition of 1867 in Paris, the beauty of the objects presented by the Baccarat manufactory illustrates the expertise and excellence of its best Master glassmakers. musee8 musee9
Ewer Chimère, World's Fair, Paris 1867

Taillé sur mesure

Throughout its legendary history, Baccarat developped a wide variety of cuttings : the cut ribbed flat iconic iconic cut of Baccarat, the Pontils cut, diamond point cut with geometric accents, or the elegant diamond bezels, among others. musee10

A testament to the brilliance of crystal, they dress the finest tableware and outstanding decorative pieces.For the first time, Baccarat will also be displaying the Célimène vase offered to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1972 and elements for chandeliers in turquoise crystal, a colour created especially for a commission from the Shah of Persia.p> musee11

Célimène vase offered to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1972, Georges Chevalier, 1972

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