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Very large chandeliers must be maintained by experienced professionals who have expertise disassembling them, cleaning each part and placing all components back correctly.


Small and medium sized chandeliers should be dusted regularly to avoid more integral cleaning procedures.

Gently rub the crystal ornaments while wearing cotton gloves moistened with alcohol meant for general use.

General use alcohol evaporates very quickly. Therefore, to obtain best results it is recommended to moisten gloves with the alcohol from time to time while cleaning. Due to the alcohol's flammability, this procedure should never take place close to any open flame.


Do not use melted wax to secure wax candles in candlestick holders!

We recommend the use of non-drip candles.

In case wax sticks to the candlestick holders, gently wipe away using lukewarm water or general-use alcohol.

We also recommend not allowing candles to burn down entirely (leave approximately 3 inches standing). The contact with a flame could damage or cause breakage to the crystal.