Nicolas Triboulot

He defines himself as the earth and fire’s son as he is Sagittarius and his parents own a horticultural pottery company.

He improved his knowledge on ceramic techniques at the former Longchamp faienceworks.
He had his first artistic contacts thanks to the Rambervilliers stonewareworks, located in the Vosges region, 15km (9.315 miles) away from Baccarat: this company overflowed with ancient plaster mold, that it made for artists from the School of Nancy, Louis Majorelle (1859 – 1926) and Jacques Gruber (1870 – 1936). In 1983, Baccarat welcomes the young modeler in its Study Office. While working on plasters, he discovered the crystal fabrication techniques.
In 1988, he asked to assist Thomas Bastide, designer who worked at the commercial head office in Paris.
Then everything went really fast: his ideas are edited, such as the Vector bowl and vases. Triboulot has become a creator: His shapes come from the technical knowledge as well as team work.

Architecture vase Eye & Coco vases

Eye collection


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