Savinel & Rozé

During their formative years at the prestigious National College of Decorative Arts, Yves Savinel and Gilles Rozé studied under Jean Prouvé, one of the great masters of decorative arts.

No doubt, Prouvé instilled in this design duo fundamental principles which now serve as the basis for their work: thoroughness, perfectionism and an ability to push the boundaries of research. Experienced technicians in industrial design, they regard drawing, painting, sculpture, landscaping or entomology as sources of inspiration and as the natural expression of their combined imaginations.

Plume chandelier

Ram's lamp by Savinel & Rozé

Humanism and pragmatism are the guiding principles of their creations, sound precepts for success, judging by their collaboration with Baccarat since 1995. The team created Vega, the company’s best-selling stemware pattern, and now, Plume, a novel and whimsical chandelier concept featuring removable, multi-colored crystal pendants that redefines the archetype of the brand’s classic crystal chandelier.

Vega small glass
Vega Flutissimo
Vega glass

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