Yasumichi Morita

Designer of a masterpiece of light, Yasumichi Morita is a Japanese designer who developed the biggest chandelier ever created at the Crystalworks and payed homage to the skill of Baccarat craftsmen.

Yasumichi Morita was born in Osaka, Japan in 1967. Since starting with a project in Hong Kong in 2001, he has successfully broadened his appeal to New York, London, Doha and other major cities. He has also enthusiastically been expanding his career as a designer displaying his talents across a wide variety of graphics and products.

His works include Isetan Shinjuku Main Building-Remodeling Project completed in 2013, which received high praise. In the same year, his first monograph “GLAMOROUS PHILOSOPHY NO.1” was published by PARCO Publishing. He won many awards, including Iconic Awards 2014, the International Hotel and Property Awards 2011, China Best Design Hotels Award Best Popular Designer, the London
Lifestyle Awards 2010, etc.

On the occasion of its 250th anniversary, Baccarat took up with Yasumichi Morita a new challenge by creating the largest chandelier ever produced in its history: 8m40 in height, 4m60 in diameter, with 410 lights, 176 branches, 26,500 pieces of crystal and a total weight of 2 tonnes. The japanese designer came to the manufacture to give the final touch and place the last pampille, an octogonal red ruby, the Baccarat signature.

Picture by I. Susa

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