Georges Chevalier

A graduate of the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, Georges Chevalier began working with Baccarat in 1916 ending his career there in the early 1970s. A journey, a life made of light. His designs earned the Crystalworks a place at the forefront of the history of the decorative arts.

Georges Chevalier ensured that the Baccarat name would forever be associated with modernity and beyond thanks to his stylistic vocabulary and clean shapes and proportions. He used his remarkable artistry to create an animated vision of Baccarat, whose spirit he grasped instantly and instinctively. His close collaboration with the Crystalworks’ craftsmen, enabled him to overcome any technical constraints. He grasped the full complexity of crystal. He mastered the creation of both form and decoration and focused on setting up a constructive dialogue between artist and craftman. He delved eagerly into the Crystalworks’ archives, to reinterpret the Maison heritage and codes and invent new designs drawing on the expertise of the master glassmakers, glass blowers, cutters and engravers.

Jets d’Eau service
Peacock vase
Trocadéro bowl
In addition to tableware, he also created perfume bottles, jewellery and stunning light fittings. In 1925 he designed the decoration for the pavilion that Baccarat shared with Christofle during the International Exhibition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris. The Crystalworks exhibited the young designer’s most iconic pieces, including the vast Jets d’eau chandelier.

He was highly receptive to the other artistic disciplines, sculpture in particular and designed a crystal bestiary (panther, bear,etc) in the purest Art Deco style, with its perfect geometrical lines.
Jets d’eau chandelier by
Georges Chevalier
Clear cristal panther
Joséphine Baker plates
His work had wide appeal and his style was greatly admired. As part of the sumptuous festivities to celebrate her marriage to conductor Jo Bouillon, entertainer Josephine Baker ordered a set of plates designed by Georges Chevalier.

In 1933 he designed the first items of jewellery ever created by the Crystalworks: the Louxor collection. In 2014 Louxor is making a comeback for the Maison 250th anniversary this time transformed into an exceptional set in ravishing Baccarat red, the brainchild of jewellery designer Elie Top.

As a tribute to this designer of genius Baccarat is also reissuing several of his pieces, including the Cordon, Diamant and Orgue vases as well as the impressive Sun Clock. This crystal sunburst was displayed in New York for the opening of the Baccarat’s first US store in 1948. Its most famous buyer was none other than playwright Arthur Miller, who chose it to decorate the Manhattan apartment he shared with his wife, Marilyn Monroe.