To facilitate the use for disabled people, Baccarat implements accessibility features to improve navigation for screen reader users, keyboard navigation and text-only browser. Thus, Baccarat is always looking for ways to improve their customer experiences. If you have any trouble accessing any content on the website, please contact

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The correct color contrast was implemented on all websites so that colorblind and visually impaired customers can more easily distinguish the different elements on the pages.

Full Keyboard navigation and focus indicator on action elements / links. The website has been designed so all keyboard navigation can be found on all pages. When navigating the content with the Tab and SHIFT+Tab keys, screen readers recognize the linked image text alternatives.

We added keyboard handlers, and followed ARIA-WAI recommendations to ensure all interactive content can be operated using the keyboard, and with standard commands.

Also, we improved the interactions with tabs: the tab interface provides access to content displayed dynamically in the tab panel. We used WAI-ARIA to define role, name and state information for the tab panel. The active tab is placed into the tab order. The other tabs are not in the tab order and receives focus and is activated using arrow keys.

You can easily fulfill the website forms thanks to clear labels and field types. Labels should help you better understand what information is expected in a particular input field like the contact form, the register form, the checkout form etc…

• Active, Decorative and Informational Images that are active (image link and image button), require alt-text that describes the function of the image, what the image does, where the link goes. When background images are used, provide a text alternative by using text that is visually hidden with CSS. Same goes for Decorative and Information; they have alt-text that conveys the same information as the image.

• Images of Text Image of text was often used to provide the visitors with highly creative content. Nevertheless, after investigation and new site upgrades, a similar presentation can be accomplished using other methods and will be more readily available to screen readers and will be easier to read for users who need to magnify the screen.

Thus, we are working on reducing the use of “image of text” to offer an equally effective alternative for customers with visual or certain cognitive disabilities. Now, you can find an image without text that would not be readable to describe the image.

Baccarat has been working on improving the video experience for visitors with vision and hearing disabilities. When browsing on different pages with videos, you can easily access video player to play and pause any video.
You also have access to synchronized captions displayed over the video to help you better understand the speech and sound. Text transcripts containing script and description of the action are also available below videos so that you do not have to play the video to access its content.

We also created a Play/Pause feature for gif, to be able to start and stop the movement as is necessary.

Initially, no method was provided to allow users to navigate to different sections of the page. Following the WCAG recommendations, we implemented WAI-ARIA landmark roles to define the different areas of the page.

You can access the site map of from a link in the footer menu on every page. The site map provides you with an overview of the entire structure of the website to help you better understand what it contains and how it is organized. It offers you an alternative to easily navigate to the pages of your choice

You can easily access the homepage of the website by clicking on the Baccarat logo on every page.

The main menu on the left-hand column gives you access the main pages of You can control the main menu by mouse, keyboard or with fingers on a touch screen.

The page footer menu is located at the bottom of each page of the website It gives you access to additional information such as the customer service telephone number, the contact form, legal information, the privacy policy, the site map, the Legal Notice etc.

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