Baccarat logo on a red background.

The Baccarat factory in Baccarat, France.

A piece of crystal being hand-blown.

Text that reads, “Heritage” with images of the Baccarat Harcourt collection.

A Baccarat chandelier.

Wooden clasps in a bucket.

Text that reads, ”Craftmanship” next to crystal being made.

A rotating chandelier next to an image of a drawing of a chandelier.

Text that reads, ”Elegance” next to two Bon Jour Versailles lamps, and the Heritage Paraison decanter and tumbler set.

Two red Harcourt glasses.

Jim Shreve, President & CEO Baccarat NA: “Welcome to team Baccarat.

My name is Jim Shreve, I’m the president and CEO of Baccarat North America.

Baccarat is one of the oldest companies in existence in the world.

Everything is still handmade in France in a factory in a town called Baccarat.

One of our successes has been that we all speak the same message,

so we really are passionate about the story of using your Baccarat everyday

and what we do believe is everything tastes better in a Baccarat."

Text that reads, ”People” with two images of people working in an office setting.

Text that reads, ”Unique” with an image of a blue Baccarat glass, and a piece of crystal being made.

A group of people installing a Baccarat chandelier.

Text that reads, “Individuality” with a person drawing an image of a woman in a dress.

People in the Baccarat factory being shown product.

Text that reads, ”Belonging” with two award winning best craftsmen raising a toast with two glasses of champagne in Harcourt champagne glasses.

Text that reads, “Curious” with people exploring the factory.

Baccarat employees clapping in the office.

Rudy Dantas, Sales Associate, Baccarat NA: “We work hard, but we always try to help each other.

We are very passionate about the product that we have in the store,

we love the history of the brand and we try to sell dreams to people."

Two people looking at the Virgil Abloh Chandelier.

Text that reads, “Product” with images of the Baccarat Harmonie collection and puffed hears in red & clear.

The Baccarat chess set.

Text that reads, “Bold” with a model walking down a runway in a dress and an image of the Croise jewelry collection.

Text that reads, “Chic” with red Baccarat product.

Text that reads, “Useful” with two people toasting with Baccarat Harmonie glasses and an image of the Spirale collection.

Text that reads, “Joyous” with an image of the Vega Flutissimo set of 4 , and the Jamie Hayon animal head collection.

Men at the beach holding a surf board with the Baccarat logo on it.

Text that reads, “Collaborations” with Alexandre Benjamin Navet drawing a playing card on a piece of paper.

Renderings and images of the Virgil Abloh chandelier.

Images of the Virgil Abloh glass at the launch party in France.

The Baccarat x Supreme flute set next to the red box that reads “Baccarat exclusively for Supreme”.

Text that reads, “Baccarat x Youtube” and footage of the Youtube Creater Award being made.

Images of partners and collaborations.

Ward Simmon, VP Marketing Baccarat NA: “The Baccarat quality is the highest quality crystal in the world.

Its modern, it’s sophisticated, and its really chic, but most importantly its useful.


Everything that comes from our factory directly to the consumer is flawless,

it does not leave our factory unless it’s been quality checked and meets the standards of Baccarat.

Some of our most successful collaborations have been with contemporary artists or brands that together reaches out to a whole broad new audience.

And it’s exciting for someone new to come in because not only they do they hear our ideas but we could hear their ideas.

This new injection of talent helps us to create new visions for product launches in the future."

Baccarat craftsman cutting a piece of crystal.

Text that reads, “culture” with two images of people smiling.

Baccarat crafter painting gold onto the rim of a glass.

Text that reads, “Innovative” with an image of two people talking.

Baccarat crafter crafting a glass.

Text that reads, “Diverse” with images of two people.

Text that reads, Home” with a person carrying a Baccarat bag of product into their home.

The Baccarat Madison Avenue storefront.

Miriam Vales, CFO Baccarat NA: “I can describe the company culture like this: we promote strength in employees,

we strive to see the best output out of our employees.

When you have strong and developed employees, that’s when the company reaches the maximum potential that it can reach.

What Baccarat is looking for in the company culture is for the team members to be intuitive, eager to learn, for them to participate.

We inspire dreams not just to our customers but also to our team members."

Text that reads “Baccarat”.

Text that reads, “Baccarat Inspiring your Dreams”.


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Baccarat is a French luxury brand internationally renowned as a leader in high-end and exclusive crystal products. Founded in 1764, the company’s artisanal factory is based in Baccarat in the Lorraine region of eastern France. For more than 250 years, the brand has inspired leading designers worldwide. Ranging from iconic lighting to unique tableware and decorative objects, fine jewelry and tailor-made flacons, the brand’s products and tradition of excellence are widely distributed around the globe.

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