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The most important thing about the collection, it's that we want to explore the beauty of crystal.

I always said that it's interesting to see how Baccarat is working with it, with all these centuries of history.

You can see how the magic of crystal actually comes when you start to explore the different cuts and you start to elaborate the flat crystal into something that becomes more optical.

I wanted the people to discover the magic of crystal and its ability to bring these sort of incredible beauty and almost like vision to simple objects, objects that are more artistic and contemporary.

The theme for me was to work with this idea of the animals becoming a celebration.

When I work with the crystal just to get more in detail, I like to work with the different techniques and see what's possible.

So, we work with creating new grains, new cuts.

And I think our thoughts is actually that this collection is actually something cool to have.

It's made with tradition, with handcraft. But it's also beautifully sharp and made for everyone to be used.

For the youngsters to introduce themselves into the beauty of crafts with a certain type of originality and definitely a culture of making behind.

At the end of the day, the use of crystal, to me, it's actually quite fantastic.

“crystal is a fascinating and surprising
material! cut, sculpted, illuminated thanks to the talent of the craftsmen of baccarat, it reveals all its secrets.”
jaime hayon

Welcome to faunacrystopolis!

With a happy tribe of six animals, in limited edition,
jaime hayon offers a singular vision of wild fauna.

a joyful frog
Frog's head vase
an owl with a mesmerizing look
Owl's head vase
A rabbit with erect ears
Rabbit's head vase
A fox with a pointed muzzle
Fox's head vase
an adorable koala
Koala's head vase
a mischievous monkey
Monkey's head vase
also part of the collection: