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Most desired gifts for my sweet home



Text that reads, “Bon Jour Versailles presented by Baccarat and FLOS, designed by History and Philippe Starck”

Images of large and small black and white colored Bon Jour Versailles lamps

Text that reads, “Crystal is: intelligence of nature, a mystery, out of chance and necessity, created by nature, more or less 100,000 year ago, forged by fire, a liquid, transparent, forged by gravity, polishable, aristocratic, imperishable, empirical, rare, noble, magic

A painting of King Louis XIV winking

Text that reads “Bon Jour Versailles”

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From $990 to $2,400
| Available in 2 sizes


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From $220 to $11,000
| Available in 3 sizes


From $1,200 to $1,500