view from inside Baccarat Cristal Room restaurant Moscow

Baccarat has entrusted the orchestration of the Cristal Room to David Desseaux and David Hemmerlé. The two chefs have favoured a menu based on great French cuisine, modified every month according to the season. A demanding selection of products imported from France and Europe, prioritizing quality and freshness. Seafood and shellfish are delivered daily from France. Meat is cooked on skewers as in the French city of Lyon, a first in Russia. The dessert menu, subtle and creative - including an original selection of teas and tisanes - reflects the same high standards. As for oenology, Nathalia Kurnosova proposes a superb list of great vintages of wines and champagnes, together with a selection of fine world wines, matching the day's menu and served in Baccarat glasses.

Kitchen and table in Baccarat Cristal Room Moscow

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