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Close-up of the Jean-Charles Boisset wine glass knob and bowl.

On the left, the Jean-Charles Boisset champagne glass with text that reads “the only.” In the middle, the Jean-Charles Boisset wine glass, with text that reads, “the one.” On the right, the Jean-Charles Boisset decanter, with text that reads “the ultimate.”

Close-up of the Jean-Charles Boisset wine glass knob.

Jean-Charles Boisset wine glass, decanter, and champagne glass filled with red and white wine, and champagne sitting next to a Jean-Charles Boisset wine bottle.

Text that reads, “Passion Collection, created by Jean-Charles Boisset and Baccarat.


The perfect gifts for passionate about wine

The one, the unique, the ultimate

Dreamed and designed
by Jean-Charles Boisset,
created by Baccarat



The Passion Collection created by Jean-Charles Boisset & Baccarat


I’m so excited, honored and feel so privileged to tell you a little bit about my lifetime dream: creating a crystal decanter, the ultimate crystal glasses for our common enjoyment.

Today is a big day, we are releasing the Passion Collection made in partnership with the most historical crystal maker in the world:

Baccarat, founded in the town of Baccarat in France in 1764. This is the ultimate partnership.

My dream has always been to create the most phenomenal glass,

the one and the one and only.

The only one you need for your enjoyment whatever wine you enjoy.

This why, as a champagne, you want a glass which is very open, wider like in the old days

where the aromatic expression obviously is very flamboyant is coming out of a glass

like a basket of fruit and fruits and vegetables.

This is quite amazing because this glass is the best proportion, the best measurement, the best height

with diamond because of course our grapes are diamonds.

So the champagne glass is being released today as the ultimate glass

as much as I love the elegance of a flute this does not fulfill the same exercise.

First and foremost, the eyesight.

Number 2: the finesse of the bubble that it creates thanks to its shape;

Number 3 : the opening for the nose and the aromatic expression.

Never forget our champagne is purely a glass of wine with bubbles that are through the “methode Champenoise”,

the “methode traditionnelle” evolving over the next 15 months in the bottle, hence as they release they break out

and bring the beautiful elegance of the celebration in your glass this is why champagne is so magical!

So this is the champagne glass.

The wine glass is very powerful as well, it’s over 400 grams of crystal made out several pieces,

all handmade reminiscent of history. For the rims here, the beautiful diamond cut.

The diamond is obviously a signature and is reminiscent of the phenomenal grapes that we get from our vineyards

and of course named as cup in the old days as people would hold it and it would be easier as well to turn your glass

and get the expression of the aromas of the wine.

Very wide, over 8.5cm width and as well a big opening here so any nose can actually get in

and any nose can bring the flavors and the introduction to texture to your nostril.

We have created as well a little lip here as you can see, so that it is very easy to drink.

Look, you just apply the glass on your lip and let your elbow do the job.

What this glass does is the ultimate “umami” feeling, as you know in the middle of the mouth of your tongue

you have this perfect place that creates the ultimate explosion of texture, flavor and aromatic expression,

thanks to the direction of the glass, the depth and the scientific proportion of a glass this is where it brings the liquid right to.

How could we create those two amazing glasses without the vessel to bring the glasses to life: This is the decanter,

the companion to wine that is essential, refined, sophisticated and has a great function to aerate wine and to let wine become what wine is supposed to be:

that personality, that conversation you have with him or her that transcends everything you could imagine.

Same design, that beautiful diamond shape, a very nice round geometrical shape where you see the wine through, the beautiful rims that allows you to reflect

the different colors of the glass and then an amazing top that are symbolic of the little grapes melting into the decanter and giving birth to wine.

I cannot wait for you to enjoy wine in our Passion Collection.

Wine will never be the same and one thing I’m ready to bet on you could never drink out of another glass afterwards.

You’re going to spoil yourself and your friends, but it’s worth it.

We only live once!


Interview of Jean-Charles Boisset