Baccarat logo

Text that reads, “Baccarat presents Reflections”

Clear and black bearbricks next to one another with text that reads “bearbrick”

The black eye vase collection with text that reads “vases eye”

The Marengo horse in clear and black next to one another with text that reads, “cheval pegase”

The iridescent butterfly reflecting off of a black butterfly with text that reads, “papillon porte-bonheur”

A set of the harcourt flutes with a black knob leaning against one another with text that reads “flutes a champagne eve harcourt”

A black bearbrick

Text that reads “reflections”

Baccarat logo

Making light with black.
Symbol of ultimate elegance in fashion, design and art,
black evokes luxury, mystery and power.

Black is the perfect counterpart to clear crystal,
combined together, they engage light and darkness
in a subtle game of contrasts and shadows.

Seductive and bold, the baccarat “reflections” pieces
give the perfect touch of audacity to any interior.